Lease End Options

If your lease is coming to an end, contact Plaza Hyundai immediately so that we can answer all of your questions, provide info about incentives we offer, and arrange a free vehicle pre-inspection to alert you to any potential charges related to wear-and-tear, over mileage or vehicle damages. Plaza Hyundai’s lease analysis is designed to help you make the best possible decision regarding a new lease while aligning with your budget and specific needs.

*Call Plaza Hyundai lease specialists today (888) 973-2186 today to learn about our various lease-end options. To set-up a lease-return appointment, please use our lease return form.

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Options include:

  1. Lease a New Hyundai through Plaza Hyundai
  2. Loyal Plaza Hyundai customers who purchase a new Hyundai through our showroom may be eligible for lease loyalty incentives including waived damage fees, waived over mileage fees, waived disposition fees and upgrades to new or better vehicles for a lower monthly payment. Contact us today to learn about our current lease specials, and to schedule your personal product presentation and test drive.

  3. Purchase Your Leased Vehicle through Plaza Hyundai
  4. If you decide to purchase your leased vehicle, then there is no need to wait until the end of your lease. Plaza Hyundai is well-versed in lease buyouts, and we can help you finance the remainder of your vehicle costs at an extremely low interest rate. Lease buyouts also mean you are not responsible for any charges associated with early termination,over-mileage, or excessive wear and tear (damages).

  5. Return Your Leased Vehicle to Plaza Hyundai
  6. Should you decide to simply return your leased vehicle, as the lessee you will be responsible for outstanding payments, excessive mileage, and other obligations specifically listed in your original lease agreement. Please bring the following items with you upon turn-in: Vehicle Return Receipt, Odometer Disclosure Statement, Receipts for completed repairs, Maintenance records, Owner’s Manual, Vehicle Inspection Report, and all keys to the vehicle.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your vehicle and that is has served you well. Please feel free to contact us with any questions related to your lease end options, or to explore the possibilities of a new lease with Plaza Hyundai.